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What is MealDish?

“Home cooking is hard!”

Do you ever have trouble working out what to cook for dinner? Find yourself standing in supermarkets wondering what to buy? Feel like you're always throwing out food?

Let’s face it. Cooking at home is hard work!

You make over 225 decisions a day on what to eat. What do I feel like? What’s in the fridge? What do the kids want? And when you go grocery shopping, you’re faced with thousands upon thousands of choices. Organic? Seasonal? Quality? Allergy free?

“MealDish makes it easy”

MealDish takes the work out of home cooking by reducing the hundreds of stressful decisions down to just 3 a week!

MealDish recommends recipes personalised for you and your household. Not only that, we work how many ingredients you need for each recipe to suit your household size!

This way, you know exactly what you need to buy for the week, and when you come home you’ll have everything you need for a great dinner recipe.

“MealDish helps you enjoy healthy and delicious meals while saving you time and money”

Not only does MealDish effortlessly introduce delicious variety, we can help you save over $1,000 a year on food waste simply because you’ll only need to buy what you need.

We know that people want to enjoy simple, tasty home cooked meals, and we’re here to help.